Cloud 2.0 Account Security Advice


Safeguarding funds and user information is our number one priority. Our security team continuously strives to improve our end-to-end security measures and prevent theft of funds as well as information. However, due to the growing number of Cloud 2.0 users and the increasing value of Cloud Tokens, there have been ongoing cases of phishing attacks and information leakage which users need to be aware of. 

While our team works hard to ensure your assets are well protected while maintaining exceptional performance, to maintain the utmost security, it is crucial to know that you too have significant control over the risk of losing your coins. Losing or forgetting your private keys and the lack of ample awareness are common ways in which investors lose their coins. When someone gains access to your account, it means your private keys can be stolen, resulting in the loss of all your ERC20 assets. To better illustrate this, imagine losing your credit card with the PIN written on it; this would allow the thief to withdraw all your funds. 

Criminals nowadays are sophisticated and equipped with advanced technologies, highlighting the need for users to be extra cautious. To succeed in your cryptocurrency investment journey, you must keep your coins safe. The potential cryptocurrency risks faced largely depend on the user. As the use of Cloud 2.0 is through your login and private keys, you are held responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and private keys as well as for all transactions undertaken using that login. Cloud 2.0 will not be held responsible in any way. We provide secure systems at our end; the account holder must do the same at their end.


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